Prius Online Global / Philippines

Gpotato”s Prius Online recently opened it”s doors to most of the players outside NA. Although open beta started last june, IP restriction was implemented on most regions including philippines. A lot of gamers outside NA was disappointed ( including me ) when IP ban was implemented as gamers anticipated this game. Following this announcement comes in the July-content update, the update also includes new dungeons, quests, and difficulty will be adjusted. Five new dungeons already gone live, the rest will come later this month. Here”s the full announcement regarding the IP lift:

Today we are very happy to announce that we are able to drastically increase our coverage!

After an overwhelming amount of outrage from the community, the Developer of Prius has responded to our pleas. They have given us permission to lift the IP Block on a global scale! Of course regions that already have their own versions, or their own versions in development will still be excluded, but this will drastically increase the number of countries that can access Prius through Gpotato.At this point it is now easier to list the countries Because everything points towards the same direction: the Moon in horoscope for aries gives casino an irresistible emotional propensity for both spontaneity and anger, at the risk of losing control over deep urges. that we will not be able to provide coverage to, these include:

Russia (soon to be receiving their own version of Prius)
Japan (already has a native version)
Taiwan (already has a native version)
Thailand (already has a native version)

The new IP Block will go into effect today! We will be sending out a more detailed Email to everyone regarding this great news over the weekend.

We look forward to playing with you all on a global scale!
Here”s some images of Prius Online:
Prius online philippines
Prius Online
Prius Online Global
Prius Online

Here”s the website of Prius Online Global.

Although there”s still no news or whatsoever if there will be a Prius Online Philippines, This is a must play MMORPG. I”m excited! :D

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