Smart Bro Rocket Plug-it promises up to 12mbps

Smart Bro Rocket Plug It was officially launched today at the price of P3,995 and it promise the speed of up to 12mbps and it runs on HSPA+.

This dongle will be available in the wireless smart centers nationwide. Remember that 4G is available only in major cities of the Philippines, so do not expect a 12Mpbs full blast on your download speed.

This is the list of Smart’s HSPA+ covered areas thanks to Yugatech.

Even though it is capable of up to 12mbps speed, there will be no unlimited packages for this dongle and will be per data package just like Smart’s Always On and P10 per 30 minutes.

So what’s the use of 12mbps if you’re limited to 180mb for P200? lolz…

*unli surf for Smart Bro Rocket Plug-It is available until September 30.