Dragona Online Philippines Closed Beta

Closed beta phase of Dragona Online Philippines was first announced and scheduled last May. But it was delayed to the month of June and once again delayed to July, but until now there”s still no news about the CBT Phase of this game.

This is the latest Announcement regarding CBT:

Greetings Players!

Please be informed that Dragona”s cbt Colors of sagittarius horoscope today sign are dark blue, blue, violet and crimson. release casino online date has been moved to July. It is imperative that the other games of GameClub are stable enough so we can provide a better gaming experience to all Dragona players!

Rest assured though that Dragona will be released!

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Dragona PH
Game Management

Whatever the reasons is, it is not making any process and players may get tired of waiting for this game.


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