Dragon Age: Origins

It”s been a week already since I was introduced to Dragon Age: Origins through waukster, thought that it was a PS3 exclusive but I was fascinated with the videos he posted and read that it has a windows version.

2 days ago, I got my copy of Dragon Age: Origins for windows and I can say that this is really a great game.I”m an RPG fan but I”m used to a turn based RPG and MMORPG, the last action RPG I”ve played was Never winter night and Dungeon Siege and I was not addicted to both casino online games.

But this time in Dragon Age: Origins, I”m totally addicted. Everything in this game is great, from an intense plot/story to superb graphics.

Every race and/or job has its own prologue story(if you have played FF: Dissidia on PSP then you”ll easily get what I mean).

Here”s some videos of the game that will show you how great this game is:
Dragon Age: Origins Oghren Trailer

and the windows version gameplay

Available on PS3, XBOX 360 and Windows

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